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JenXXX Yogas Lessons 4k



Who hasn’t thought about all the things you can do to a slut when she is in yoga positions, her ass in the air, bending over and showing off the goods. Fucking her hard as she is bent over. Touching every inch of her body while she is stretched to the max.

JenXXX makes all your dreams come true. Watch the two hottest tattooed women as they stretch and bend, showing off their hot and slutty bodies. JenXXX teaches Tana Lea the beginnings of yoga and hot lesbian sex.

Some touching, some teasing, but keeping everything professional. That is, until the class is over, which is when all limits are off and the hot girl-on-girl action starts. Unable to keep her excitement contained any longer, JenXXX lets her inner whore out and starts kissing Tana Lea passionately and soon they are both naked. Straight girl seduction has never been easier, Tana Lea is horny and very much into it. Big tits are being revealed and skin covered in tattoos is shown. Being flexible has its advantages because soon Jen finds herself with her legs behind her ears, giving amazing access as Tana Lea licks her pussy hard and fast. They go to all the yoga positions, finding new and sexy variations as they lick and suck their big tits. They are both into it, enjoying every single moment, every kiss and every lick.

Downward dog turns out to be the perfect position for a nice lesbian rim job. Tana Lea is a good slut as she licks that ass like there is no tomorrow. Then it is Tana Leas turn to be fucked. Maybe she is not as flexible, but that does not mean she doesn’t enjoy a good finger fucking and a hot mouth on her hot cunt. Licking all the juices that flow from her pussy Jen is having the time of her life.

Who knew that yoga could be that much fun?


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Featuring: Cecilia Lion
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