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Aaliyah Hadid Anal Slut 4k



Aaliyah is a good little kitty in her cage, but she wants out. What will she doe to get out. even just for a little while?

She is a pet slut and used to please her master. She must suck his cock and stick it deep! Maybe he will let her out and use her like the fucking whore she is! She does her best through the bars of her cage, she licks and sucks like her life depends on it, shoving his dick deep in her throat.

Taking her by her leash, her master lets her out so she can suck his cock until its hard and wet. Getting titty fucked and used like a slut for her masters pleasure. Aaliyah is being a good pet whore and obediently gets on her knees to be used as her master sees fit. After taking it deep in her throat and up her tits, it is time to get fucked for her masters pleasure and take it hard in the ass!

She loves pleasing her master and is ready to get ass fucked! No warm up, just taking the hard cock straight in her ass. Aaliyah loves taking the masters cock up her ass and pleasing him. She does a good job and gets rewarded with him masturbating her as he keeps fucking her in the ass. This Double penetration is all the reward that Aaliyah needs. Soon her master shoots his hot cum in her ass and leaves her with a cream pie to enjoy as he locks her up again in her cage for the night.


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Featuring: Lexi Dona
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