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Aaliyah Hadid Birthday DP Present 4k



Cock sucking enthusiast Aaliyah Hadid was excited just to get some pretty purple lingerie from her boyfriend Donnie for her birthday, but that’s not all he has in store for her. Once she’s dressed in her special birthday outfit, she opens her eyes to find his hard cock in front of her, and porn stud Logan Long’s hard cock behind her. She’s always wanted a DP, and it looks like today’s the day! She sucks Donnie’s cock while Logan fucks her doggie style, spanking her tight ass, eager to try out that hole. He lubes up and slides his huge dick inside her asshole as she gags on Donnie’s cock, but it proves to be just a little too big. They boys switch places, and Donnie warms up her asshole while she gives Logan a BJ. Once she’s loosened up a bit, Donnie lays her back on his chest, his cock in her ass, and spreads her legs for Logan to slide in her wet pussy. He pounds her hard, both of their cocks making her eyes roll back in her head as she writhes with pleasure. Logan wants to watch Donnie fuck her ass, and she grinds her hips hard, fucking Donnie with her ass before Logan slides back in. She gets Logan on his back, climbs on with her pussy and has Donnie fuck her ass from behind doggie style. Wanting to be spit roasted again, Donnie face fucks her throat while Logan fucks her pussy, and they both cum in her mouth, one right after the other, and she swallows it all.


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Featuring: Lily Larimar
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